How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Movers

Imagine everything that you worked so hard for all your life disappearing with the moving truck. The same people you trusted to make your moving process much easier just made it unimaginably hard! It can be a painful and confusing experience but one that can be avoided by taking the right measures when hiring and dealing with movers. It will save you from being scammed like many others that have suffered the same fate in the past. All that is required is a little due diligence and you should be safe.

Get a written quote

It is a norm for some of the best and most competent removal companies to offer you a written quote. Even though they might explain the quote on the phone, they will always follow that up with a written estimate that has the service being offered and the price. Any company that tries to convince you that a quote over the phone is enough should raise a red flag because you risk being charged more.

Catch up on reviews

Thanks to the internet, you can now see what other previous customers and clients thought of just about any business. While doing this, you should have an open mind. It is going to be impossible to find a business that has all positive reviews. The most important thing is to try and find out if there were any disputes, how they were solved. Nonetheless, any good company should have quite a good number of happy customers. You can read our reviews here.

Tried and find other previous scams

Google makes it very easy for you to see if any moving company has previously been involved in any scams. Taking a minute or two could save you from a lot of trouble. By just typing the name of the company and ending it with ‘scam’ you can be able to get past news of any scams that might have involved the company in question.

Ask precise questions

You should not save any questions for later. Most scammers are built to look like the real thing. By asking questions directly and relentlessly, you stand a chance of raising some red flags and hopefully identifying genuine businesses. Your questions should include the vehicle that will be used for the moving, the pricing, and even the relocation process. If any of your questions that are related to their field seem to be giving them a hard time, there is a fair chance that you are dealing with amateurs or scammers.

Only pay when you have documentation

In case you run into problems and need to claim for something, you need to have some proof and a signed document is a darn good one. You should never sign a blank paper and you should make sure that you have signed papers from the company as well that details the service, the price and has the details of the company on it.

Visit their offices when possible

Most scammers are briefcase companies. They work by presenting themselves as very large online and posting fake photos of their offices. Deciding to take a stroll down to the physical office can prove to be a very good measure. You should never settle to work with a company that always insists on sending someone to you. It could save you the time but end up costing you everything you own.

The internet and the business world is filled with people trying to take advantage of every situation they come across. It is important that you safeguard what you have worked for jealously by making sure that any company you work with is qualified and they are who they say they are.

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