Best Areas in Leicester to Live

With over 330,000 people and most of those aged 19 and younger, Leicester is the tenth largest city in UK and very youthful witb beautiful places to visit in Leicestershire. There is plenty to do within the city among the most notable being the biggest Diwali celebrations out of India. Depending on where you would like to start your new life in Leicester, there are plenty of places that you can choose from. What you pick depends on what you’re looking for and the kind of lifestyle that you would like to lead. With that in mind, Easy Movers have a list of the best areas to live in Leicester.

  1. Oadby

Even though the town might be surrounded by some scary neighbourhoods, there is plenty to love about it. It has affordable and shared housing and the quality of life is far better compared to some of the surrounding towns. Oadby is especially a great place for you to live if you’re a student or looking for that student like life. It is close to the city with a number of different ways to get to the city. If you’re looking for convenience and affordable accommodation, this is one of the best places for you to live in Leicester.

  1. Clarendon Park

The only reason why Clarendon Park is not first on the list is because the cost of living here might be a little high. The locality is preferred by professionals and especially doctors. It is a great neighbourhood to be in if you prefer the silence and order that comes with living around professionals. Of course, around here, shared living will is more difficult and the price of accommodation might be a little steep. But, if you’re up to the task, it can be a great place for you to be.

  1. Narborough Road

Narborough road is the definition of convenience. Shops littered everywhere with multiple job opportunities, multicultural neighbourhood with plenty of people from different backgrounds all top off with affordable accommodation is definitely something that sounds very lucrative to any person looking to live here. It gets even better. Shared living is a reality here. The student population here is high so if you need someone to split the costs with, this is a great place.

  1. Evington Road

Life in Evington can be a little deceiving to the eye at first. However, this somewhat noisy neighbourhood does come with its own perks. Among them is the very affordable pricing of housing and the buzz that the town has to offer. It is particularly suited for the youth and also for the young at heard that don’t mind the buzz that comes with living here.

  1. South Knighton

If you want a town that will let you maintain mobility even when you don’t have a car, this is going to be perfect. It provides for fast and easy way to get to and from the city via bus with access from the ring road. You can also enjoy the benefits of shared living here, there is urban bodyfit, a leading gym by Leicesters personal trainer.

There are plenty of places in Leicester that are great for you to live in. These are just a few of the ones that you might find most attractive. Whether you’re a student or a professional, rest assured that you will find the perfect neighbourhood for you to live.

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