Guide to Moving an Office & Checklist

Unlike moving out of your home, there are plenty of cogs and wheels that need to move simultaneously for a business to move successfully. The process needs to be more like a conveyor belt to reduce inconvenience to the customers and avoid losses. You have to plan strategically and ensure everything is done within a certain time limit. If you’re looking to move your business, this guide will come in handy if you haven’t ready our 5 rules for office removals already.

Set up a time frame

Your first task is to set up a time frame. The most important aspect of this is to have a move out date. Even though it might take you a couple of days to move out and move in depending on the items, you need to have a date which you intend to have everything done. With a move out date, you can work backwards to set time frames for other milestones in the move out process. This should include when you tell your landlord that you intend to move out.

Have a move committee

It is always a good idea to involve the employees in the move for a number of reasons. If you have more hands during the move, the easier the transition is going to be. To ensure that nothing is forgotten and that all logistics are well take care of, you can set up a committee. It will assign duties to the rest of the workers and review the tasks as they are completed. This makes the transition of the office and even the workers much easier.

Hire a moving company

By all measures, the move is going to be big. So, you don’t want to have to wait to hire movers until the last day. It is best to do this about two to four months before the move out date. At around the same time, you will need to also hire a cleaning service and buy the labels with your new address. At the new site, you need to have internet set up, phones hooked up and buy new furniture if any is needed. Also, if you need servers for your business, it is a good time for you to have a look at the server room.

Two months to the move

As the time gets closer, meticulous planning becomes even more important. Two months to D-day, you need to have designated working spaces to your workers in the new workspace. At about the same time, make sure that you updated the business’s website, security and alarm systems need to be set up and vending machines if any are needed. You also need to make sure that your finances are in order and buy new checks with the proper change in address.

Last mile

In your last month, you should be doing a checklist of all furniture and computers that will be making the move. If there are possessions that won’t be moved in storage facilities, then you should lock them up. Be sure to pack all items that are found in common areas. It is also a great time to hand out your new business cards, addresses and contacts. Also, be sure to alert the post office of your new address.

Keep in mind that on the day of the move, you will need to have your employees on both ends. Make sure they’re divided according to demand. If you have too many on one end, then things will slow down on other end.

Helpful House Hunting Tips for First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is a great achievement. But, just like everything else, the first time is a time for you to make mistakes, buy a home that you can’t afford and sometimes, you might even buy a home that is not worth the money that you have paid for. In your first time as a home buyer, you need to make sure that you make the most out of the opportunity and reduce your margin of error. Here are some great tips that will help you along the way.

Get pre-approved

The biggest mistake that even the most seasoned home buyers make is looking for a home then getting the mortgage approval later. You need to get this before you start your search. There are two reasons why this is the case. First, you need your agent and the seller to take you seriously. Having the pre-approval letter is commitment enough. Second, it shows you how much you’re legible for so you’re able to plan accordingly.

Necessities and luxuries

Once you dip your feet in the real estate market, you need to know what you home should have as a necessity and the things that you can do without. It is almost impossible to find a home on the market that has everything you need the way you want it. You might have to give up a couple of things which is why you need to draw the line. It will help you not waste too much time on homes that are not good candidates.

Find the right agent

Your success is going to largely depend on the dedication of your agent and how intent they are on helping you. You don’t necessarily need to find the best in the market but, you need to find one that will listen to you, understands what you want and has properties in the neighbourhoods that you prefer. If you can get a good agent, you will have eliminated most of the hurdles and slips that most first time home buyers suffer.

Go for up and coming neighbourhoods

This is probably something that you’ll be told countless times but you will probably not want to hear it. Like any other market, real estate operates on a demand and supply chain. The higher the demand the more you will pay. If you go for neighbourhoods with plenty of potentials, your money will be able to get you a better home. In a couple of years, you could even find yourself sitting on a piece of prime real estate if you play your cards right.


Patience is a virtue and in real estate, patience can help you reap great results. Your heart will pump at every nice home you see and you will have sleepless nights thinking of how each home is great. But having the heart to wait, see more properties and then weigh your options is going to be critical in helping you get the perfect estate.

There are a lot of technicalities that go into purchasing a home. Considering this is going to be the first major investment you make, the last thing you want is to end up messing everything up. These tips will help you avoid such pitfalls and get you something that you can be proud of. Be sure to choose the correct removals company to help!

How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

The most pain-stacking part of moving is making sure that your sentimental fragile valuables are not shattered into pieces. Like any human being, you have probably spent countless sleepless nights thinking of how to move those family heirlooms without reducing them to pieces of shattered glass. To help ease the pain and the worry, here are some great ideas that could come in handy.

Set aside enough time

The last thing you want when handling fragile items is a rush. One single mistake and everything could end up on the ground. You need to set aside ample time to be able to do this slowly and when you’re relaxed. You need to be very aware of your surrounding and the items that you’re handling. Typically, these kinds of items require a lot of tender loving and care and should be organised and set aside well before the moving day.

Pack appropriately

This is where most people make mistakes. You pack too much or too little. There are a couple of tips that could help. First, you need to get appropriate packaging material. Other than the boxes, you could also invest in bubble wrap or some old clothes and newspapers. Anything that can help to absorb the shock and keep the items from banging against each other. Here is a short checklist of everything you will need for appropriate packaging.

  • Moving boxes
  • Loose fill or packaging peanuts to fill out any empty space in the box
  • Heavy grade paper
  • Corrugated fiberboard for better cushioning
  • Bubble wrap
  • Polystyrene structures

Also, ensure that you don’t over pack any of the boxes. There is the notion that the duct tape will hold everything together but once the loaders squeeze the boxes together, it becomes a disaster waiting to happen. If something is large enough, let it have its own box. It is better to have more packaging material than have less.

Pillow it up

There is a simple trick that you can use for the really valuable breakable items. Start by having a blanket at the bottom of the box and the have a pillow at the top. This will help to prevent vibrations and shock that could damage the item.

For multiple items that have to be packaged up in the same boxes you need to have loads of newspapers to put between the items. This keeps them from breaking or colliding against each other.

Over communicate

It would be useless for you to go through all this trouble and then not let the movers know what is in the boxes. Make sure you indicate ‘fragile’ on top, the bottom and sides of the boxes. Over communicate! Remind the movers of your fragile boxes every time you get a chance. It is safer to be a nag than assume they remember and end up with everything messed up.

When it comes to fragile packing, you need time, patience and proper planning. Don’t skimp on packaging equipment unless you want to end up losing everything you own. Also, make sure that the moving company (if you plan to hire one) is well aware that you will also be transporting items that are easy breakable. The other alternative is to carry the most valuable ones in your car so you can take real good care of them.

Man and Van Service or Full Removals Service

When it comes to moving, there plenty of options for you in the market. From hiring a van and driving it yourself, hiring a man and a van or even hiring a fully-fledged removals company. Ideally, most people out-rightly opt out of driving the van themselves because of the amount of time and effort that takes. The question remains, should you opt for the man and a van service or full removals service?

Man and a Van

There are plenty of benefits that come with this kind of service.

  • Convenient – unlike the full removals service that requires lots of logistics, the man and van service is simple and straightforward. All that is required is for you to make the hire and indicate where you would like the van to come and at what time and it will be there.
  • Cost effective – because there is not much work to be done in this case, the cost associated with the buy are much lower making the move cheaper and efficient for you.

As much as this is a great service that might be a perfect fit for most movers, it does not mean that it will be a good fit for everyone. There are some downsides associated with it as well.

  • Not ideal for larger moves – if you’re moving a business or a large house, you need as many hands as you can get. With a man and van, this is not possible. Since such moves will typically need more logistics, which the full removals can offer.
  • No insurance – Most man and van hires have no transit insurance. That means if your possessions are damaged you will not be covered and have to folk out money to repair.
  • Time – Man and van hire companies tend to work on hours, they give you a time and you must be ready. Sometimes keys can arrive late and man and van movers charge extra time whereas full removals companies, like us, don’t charge extra.

Full Removals

On the other hand, you’re presented with the option of full removals. Like the man and a van service, this also has its upsides and downsides.

  • No lifting and carrying – the benefits of hiring a full removals company is that you don’t have to lift a finger unless you want to jump in help. They do all the lifting for you which makes the moving much easier.
  • Added services – you can also get to enjoy additional services like packaging and provision of packaging materials if you need any of these.
  • Stress-free – unlike having to drive the van yourself, you will not have to deal with fueling up, loading and unloading all the items yourself and having to drive. It is much easier with an extra pair of hands to help you out.


  • More costly – as you would expect, with more hands, a larger vehicle and more services, this service will cost you more than a man and a van service.
  • Not ideal for small moves – the man and a van service is better suited if the move is not big (1-2 beds).

Even though moving companies have plenty of options for customers, it is up to the customer to identify the service that will work best for them. It is important to weigh the size of the move and the budget that you have in mind. That way, you can pick a service that will offer you the most bang for your buck. Just remember there are many hidden charges with man and a van moves and many of them have no insurance to cover you!

Moving House with a Toddler

Moving is not the easiest thing. Even when you’re alone. You can only imagine how much harder it gets when there is a toddler in the house. First, babies do not take change kindly. They thrive on routine and familiarity. Also, they tend to be very clumsy and having the boxes and furniture littered everywhere unveils a whole lot of new hazards for them. There is also their tendency to stand behind movers who are oblivious of their presence and could easily knock them over. So, if you’re moving with a toddler, you definitely need to have measures put in place to make the moving process easier and at the same time keep your child safe.

Bolster your healthy foods stock

After you move, it may take some time before you cook the fatigue and the process of finding your utensils and setting up will usually take some time. It is typical for people to survive on junk during this time. However, for your child, you need something healthy and if possible, pre-cooked so you only need to warm. This should help until everything in your new home is sorted. Some of the foods that you can consider are dried vegetables and fruits, different mashes, frozen vegetables and fruit pouches.

When packing have enough breaks

The whole process is very tiresome. While you may have one way to adjust to the pressure, your toddler has another. He needs lots of time with you and having many breaks to spend time or play helps him to take his mind off things. It is important to reassure him that the move will not affect how much you love him. Spending too much time packing makes the child feel like the moving process is stealing you away from him which can have detrimental effects.

Take any help you get

If you decide to do everything yourself, it not only takes longer but also affects the child more. If you can get help, take it. Whether paid or free, you need the help to make the process move along faster and with better ease. The more help you have the more attention you can pay to the child and the faster the moving process will get done.

Another form of help that would be really helpful especially if you have the removals company around is having family or friends where you can send the child as you work on the moving. But, don’t forget to go and see him occasionally.

Get your child to buy the idea on moving

You need your child to be on the same page as you. If they are not, they can make the moving process very complex and frustrating. They easily get cranky and if for they don’t have any reason to want to move, they will definitely make you hate the process as well. Try different methods like convincing them how much better the new home is, buying them that new toy they always wanted or getting them a treat. Not all parents like this but, it helps to make an otherwise very stressful process much easier.

Pack the toddler’s room last

It is important to leave the baby’s room untouched as long as possible. With all the mayhem and change going on, he needs a place that reminds him that he is still at home. Having his room the same way it has always been will help him achieve that. When unpacking, make the child’s room the priority trying as much as possible to keep it the same way it was.

Kids can be a handful. Even on a normal day. But, when moving, you need to make sure that they are well taken care off, they are not forgotten and they are out of harm’s way at all times. You also need to make sure that they are comfortable and that they love every aspect of the moving process. It makes it easier and more pleasant for you as well.

How to Move a Piano and Not Get a Back Ache

Pianos are a great asset to a home. Not only do they add authenticity and a hint of music to the home, they can provide a bonding experience and will usually attract a lot of attention. However, because of their size and weight, most pianos spend their entire time in one spot from the time they were installed. If you have been thinking of moving your Piano, it is possible to do it and do it upright. It might require you to get some help since they are heavy and huge. But if you can get the help you need, here are some tips that could help you make the move and not mess you back at the same time.

Find the perfect route

First, you need to pick out a route that will make moving the piano easier for you. Start by measuring the widest part of the piano. Then use those measurement to find a path in the house that will fit the piano without any challenges. If the path is too small, it will make the move harder and damage the boards and corners of the piano.

After you pick the perfect path, your next task is to clear it of any trip hazards and furniture that would make moving the piano harder. When moving the obstructions, you should also remove the carpet.

Remove all decorations – if you have any decorations on the Piano, you should get rid of them. The best thing about having an upright Piano is its shape. It is easier to work with. Removing the decorations helps to make it safer to move so you don’t have items falling as you move the piano.

Wrap it up

Use tape to fasten the lid over the keyboard. This helps to keep the lid safely closed and it will also make it easier for you to fit the piano in tighter fits. It can also help to prevent the lid and the keys from getting damaged in transit. For the rest of the instrument, you need to find a large cloth that can cover the entire piece to protect it from dust and dents.

Lifting the piano

In this case you need two things. You need a dolly and you also need the help of some friends. Typically, a small Piano will weigh in the region of 130Kgs which makes it almost impossible for you to lift it safely alone. To keep your hands safe, you will also need a pair of work gloves.

After you have placed the piano on the dolly, then you can fasten it with the dolly straps and use the dolly to push it.

Getting it in the van

When getting the piano into a van or a moving truck, you need to have someone pushing and another pulling simultaneously. You can use the lifting straps and if you’re the one pushing, you need to be careful in case it rolls back. Once in the van, you can fasten it on the back wall of the van. As a safety precaution, have other stuff in front of it.

Considering the weight and cost of a piano, it is not the type of instrument that you want to play around with. When moving it, you need to take all the safety measures possible to make sure that it gets to the destination safe. These tips should help you achieve exactly that – Or, save the hassle and give us a call! We are the leading removals company covering across the Midlands.

How to Lift Heavy Objects by Yourself

Whether you’re moving with removals company or just re-arranging your home, if you live alone, you will have to find ways to move heavy furniture without breaking your back into two. It is not the most exciting part about having to move things around but, it has to be done. And, if you’re not looking to hire professionals to help you, then you have to device means to move the heavy items without damaging them. If you think you need a little help with moving that couch which has always kept you from rearranging your living room, you might have just gotten lucky. Here are some great tricks that can help you move the heavier objects.

Take a closer look

Size isn’t everything. Just because something is big doesn’t mean you can’t move it around. You just need to understand the mechanics better and you should find a way to move it safely. When taking the closer look, focus on getting comfortable lifting spots and also assess the stability of the object. Somethings like boxes are a little tricky to work with since they have weak spots which can burst open and everything pours to the ground. You should be more careful with such objects.

Map out a safe route

You’re coming in hot and heavy. You need a route that does not have wires or any other items that might trip you. Of the load is large, there is a chance that your sight will also be hindered which makes mapping your safe route even more important. Don’t forget, if you can find a route that is more spacious and will make manoeuvring easier, you can always opt for that at any time. If there are some areas that are uneven, you need to be very aware of them.

Get the right stance

If you stand any chance of picking up a heavy object, your preparation and the stance that you pick will be very important. If you bend too far and apply too much force too early, there is a chance you could take out your back. The proper stance should have your feet at shoulder width, your back straight and your chest slightly popping out. Tighten your tummy muscles and take a little squat to bolster your stability. If you have to or it makes you more comfortable, you can have one knee on the floor then get a good hold on the item (ideally with both hands) and lock up your body ready to lift.

The moving process

As important as getting the lifting part is, you should not forget that you also need to be very careful with how you carry heavy loads. You should try to keep the load as close as possible to your body. When standing, use your leg muscles to stand up ensuring that your back is straight all along and try to make the process as smooth and fluid as possible. Avoid sudden moves and stops since it only increases your chances of getting injured. To make movement easier, use your hips as you change directions and make sure that your shoulder are aligned with your hips.

Back on the floor

After the tedious task of lifting and carrying, you will need to place the load back on the floor. This is another critical stage and you need to make sure that you do everything right. Start with the squatting position which ensures that you only use your leg muscles and be sure to keep your back straight. You still have to make sure that the item is close to your body and use the same fluid moves to gently place the load down.

Even with these tips on how you can lift heavy loads by yourself, if you need help, there is no embarrassment in asking for it. It is better to be safer than sorry.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Movers

Imagine everything that you worked so hard for all your life disappearing with the moving truck. The same people you trusted to make your moving process much easier just made it unimaginably hard! It can be a painful and confusing experience but one that can be avoided by taking the right measures when hiring and dealing with movers. It will save you from being scammed like many others that have suffered the same fate in the past. All that is required is a little due diligence and you should be safe.

Get a written quote

It is a norm for some of the best and most competent removal companies to offer you a written quote. Even though they might explain the quote on the phone, they will always follow that up with a written estimate that has the service being offered and the price. Any company that tries to convince you that a quote over the phone is enough should raise a red flag because you risk being charged more.

Catch up on reviews

Thanks to the internet, you can now see what other previous customers and clients thought of just about any business. While doing this, you should have an open mind. It is going to be impossible to find a business that has all positive reviews. The most important thing is to try and find out if there were any disputes, how they were solved. Nonetheless, any good company should have quite a good number of happy customers. You can read our reviews here.

Tried and find other previous scams

Google makes it very easy for you to see if any moving company has previously been involved in any scams. Taking a minute or two could save you from a lot of trouble. By just typing the name of the company and ending it with ‘scam’ you can be able to get past news of any scams that might have involved the company in question.

Ask precise questions

You should not save any questions for later. Most scammers are built to look like the real thing. By asking questions directly and relentlessly, you stand a chance of raising some red flags and hopefully identifying genuine businesses. Your questions should include the vehicle that will be used for the moving, the pricing, and even the relocation process. If any of your questions that are related to their field seem to be giving them a hard time, there is a fair chance that you are dealing with amateurs or scammers.

Only pay when you have documentation

In case you run into problems and need to claim for something, you need to have some proof and a signed document is a darn good one. You should never sign a blank paper and you should make sure that you have signed papers from the company as well that details the service, the price and has the details of the company on it.

Visit their offices when possible

Most scammers are briefcase companies. They work by presenting themselves as very large online and posting fake photos of their offices. Deciding to take a stroll down to the physical office can prove to be a very good measure. You should never settle to work with a company that always insists on sending someone to you. It could save you the time but end up costing you everything you own.

The internet and the business world is filled with people trying to take advantage of every situation they come across. It is important that you safeguard what you have worked for jealously by making sure that any company you work with is qualified and they are who they say they are.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Derby

Not too long ago, Derby was featured in one of the top magazines as a top 10 destination. That just goes to show the stature that this county town has in the world of tourism. While here, you and your family will be spoilt for choice and the easy transport system will easily allow you access any of these seven places that you should definitely visit while you’re in Derby. And as the leading removals company in Derby, this guide is perfect for you!

The National Forest

While forests are a great part of any countries composition, it is not always that you will find them as a tourist attraction. But, in Derby, you will. The National Forest features impressive and breath-taking woodland walks and other forest experiences, vibrant visitor centres, sparkling lakes and historic houses. If you would like to stay in, there are some cosy guesthouses and log cabins for you.

Derby Theatre

For the artistic soul, this theatre is the place to be. It is home to some of the most captivating productions in comedy and drama especially for an evening. While here, you will get to enjoy world-class acting some of the being the theatre’s own award winning performances. Be sure to place a reservation beforehand.

Intu Derby

There are numerous cities around the world that have set themselves up as great shopping hubs. Through Intu Derby, this county has kept itself afloat for tourists that are looking to spoil themselves or just grab some gifts on their way home. The shopping complex attracts over 25 million visitors a year with over 160 stores that you can choose from. It is also home to some of the most popular brands around the world. While here, you can also grab a bite.

Mount Cook Adventure Centre

This is a not-for-profit adventure centre that offers a natural environment with exciting outdoor activities and very engaging educational workshops. The facility has features that include a high-ropes course, a 10m high roof top terrace and five acres of wild land. The best part is, whether you’re a small group or a large one, the centre has the capacity to host you for a day of fun, learning and adventure.

Derby Silk Mill

Standing at the site of the first factory in the world, this mill factory is a UNESCO heritage. It offers a captivating story of the history of the mill and how it became victim to the first industrial espionage ever. The site also has events for children and photography exhibitions all of which should keep you very busy while here.

Gulliver’s Kingdom

Your visit is never complete without a visit to this impressive park. You get to enjoy the twists and turns on the over 65 rides, shows and attractions that the park has to offer. The park is open from March all the way to September and is a quick drive from Derby. It is a family run theme park and a perfect place for you to have some fun with your family.

Darley Park

It is not always that family fun is going to rowdy and energy filled. Sometimes, you need to sit down, share stories and laugh at each other’s jokes. This is what this park offers you. Darley Park is a peaceful and serene place that allows you to run away from the buzzing city and offers picnicking and is also ideal for relaxation. It also has a stunning butterfly garden that you can see.

There is no question about the interesting nature of Derby. But, you have to be here to be able to experience the tourism richness the city has to offer for yourself. Time spent here is time well spent.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Coventry

Being the ninth largest city in England and the 12 largest in the United Kingdom, there is no doubt that Coventry is definitely a place that you ought to visit. If not the sheer size and the potential of mingling with the friendly and diverse culture, then these seven places should definitely serve the purpose. As the leadings removals company in Coventry, we have the ultimate list of places to visit in Cov!

Coventry Cathedral

You don’t have to be in a worshipping mood to visit this historic cathedral. With a well-trained team of welcomers, chaplains and guides, your exploration of the humungous church will be a once in a lifetime experience. The architectural perspective of the church is just as interesting as the religious one and should prove to be very educative and entertaining.

Coventry Transport Museum

This museum has one of the largest collection of the British Road Transport from back in the day to more recent times. Their collection includes about 100 motorcycles, 230 cars and other commercial vehicles and 250 cycles. It is a place that is going to show you just how far the transportation industry has come and for your little one, this is a great time to mingle with those little cars they always get to see on TV.

Laser Quest Coventry

This is easily one of the most entertaining and thrilling places you’re ever going to visit. The Laser Quest Coventry is an action packed Sci-fi adventure real life video game that is suited for all ages. You can stalk your opponents through the fogs, mazes and even catwalks while you discover hiding places and a lot more. The experience is made even more thrilling by the music and light effects. If you’re looking for somewhere to get some adrenaline in your veins, this is it.

The War Memorial Park

Among the most treasured formal gardens, there are a number of reasons why this garden is a must visit. There are interactive and mischievous water jets, a skate park for BMXers, quad skaters and scooter riders. There is also a golf course, football pitches, a circular foot path and other playing fields. You will simply be spoilt for choice.

Midland Air Museum

This air museum is home to more than 30 historic aircraft including the Avro Vulcan bomber. The collection also features civil aircraft, aero engines and other memorabilia and artefacts. It is the perfect place for an inquisitive mind and also perfect for the airheads. For education purposes, there is detailed information posted about each piece.

Kenilworth Castle

This castle holds a significant part of the history of the West Midlands. It is one of the largest historic visitor attractions and also one of the most spectacular castle ruins in England. A great treat for the entire family, the castle provides excellent grounds for exploration and a dramatic backdrop with over 900 years in its history. It even has a tower that was built to woo Queen Elizabeth.

Caludon Castle Park

Forming a unique urban oasis, this 24 acres of the only castle in Coventry holds a very special place. It has a park that is absolutely gorgeous with open space where people can walk around and has a modern and very well maintained playground for children. You can also enjoy the vast variety of wildlife and soon, they hope to even have more species make the park their home.

Unlike most cities in the United Kingdom, Coventry is not shy of sharing its diverse tourist attractions and beauty. The big city proves that it can also offer serenity and peace as well as a vibrant and fast paced experience to all its visitors.