Top 7 Places to Visit in Derby

Not too long ago, Derby was featured in one of the top magazines as a top 10 destination. That just goes to show the stature that this county town has in the world of tourism. While here, you and your family will be spoilt for choice and the easy transport system will easily allow you access any of these seven places that you should definitely visit while you’re in Derby. And as the leading removals company in Derby, this guide is perfect for you!

The National Forest

While forests are a great part of any countries composition, it is not always that you will find them as a tourist attraction. But, in Derby, you will. The National Forest features impressive and breath-taking woodland walks and other forest experiences, vibrant visitor centres, sparkling lakes and historic houses. If you would like to stay in, there are some cosy guesthouses and log cabins for you.

Derby Theatre

For the artistic soul, this theatre is the place to be. It is home to some of the most captivating productions in comedy and drama especially for an evening. While here, you will get to enjoy world-class acting some of the being the theatre’s own award winning performances. Be sure to place a reservation beforehand.

Intu Derby

There are numerous cities around the world that have set themselves up as great shopping hubs. Through Intu Derby, this county has kept itself afloat for tourists that are looking to spoil themselves or just grab some gifts on their way home. The shopping complex attracts over 25 million visitors a year with over 160 stores that you can choose from. It is also home to some of the most popular brands around the world. While here, you can also grab a bite.

Mount Cook Adventure Centre

This is a not-for-profit adventure centre that offers a natural environment with exciting outdoor activities and very engaging educational workshops. The facility has features that include a high-ropes course, a 10m high roof top terrace and five acres of wild land. The best part is, whether you’re a small group or a large one, the centre has the capacity to host you for a day of fun, learning and adventure.

Derby Silk Mill

Standing at the site of the first factory in the world, this mill factory is a UNESCO heritage. It offers a captivating story of the history of the mill and how it became victim to the first industrial espionage ever. The site also has events for children and photography exhibitions all of which should keep you very busy while here.

Gulliver’s Kingdom

Your visit is never complete without a visit to this impressive park. You get to enjoy the twists and turns on the over 65 rides, shows and attractions that the park has to offer. The park is open from March all the way to September and is a quick drive from Derby. It is a family run theme park and a perfect place for you to have some fun with your family.

Darley Park

It is not always that family fun is going to rowdy and energy filled. Sometimes, you need to sit down, share stories and laugh at each other’s jokes. This is what this park offers you. Darley Park is a peaceful and serene place that allows you to run away from the buzzing city and offers picnicking and is also ideal for relaxation. It also has a stunning butterfly garden that you can see.

There is no question about the interesting nature of Derby. But, you have to be here to be able to experience the tourism richness the city has to offer for yourself. Time spent here is time well spent.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Coventry

Being the ninth largest city in England and the 12 largest in the United Kingdom, there is no doubt that Coventry is definitely a place that you ought to visit. If not the sheer size and the potential of mingling with the friendly and diverse culture, then these seven places should definitely serve the purpose. As the leadings removals company in Coventry, we have the ultimate list of places to visit in Cov!

Coventry Cathedral

You don’t have to be in a worshipping mood to visit this historic cathedral. With a well-trained team of welcomers, chaplains and guides, your exploration of the humungous church will be a once in a lifetime experience. The architectural perspective of the church is just as interesting as the religious one and should prove to be very educative and entertaining.

Coventry Transport Museum

This museum has one of the largest collection of the British Road Transport from back in the day to more recent times. Their collection includes about 100 motorcycles, 230 cars and other commercial vehicles and 250 cycles. It is a place that is going to show you just how far the transportation industry has come and for your little one, this is a great time to mingle with those little cars they always get to see on TV.

Laser Quest Coventry

This is easily one of the most entertaining and thrilling places you’re ever going to visit. The Laser Quest Coventry is an action packed Sci-fi adventure real life video game that is suited for all ages. You can stalk your opponents through the fogs, mazes and even catwalks while you discover hiding places and a lot more. The experience is made even more thrilling by the music and light effects. If you’re looking for somewhere to get some adrenaline in your veins, this is it.

The War Memorial Park

Among the most treasured formal gardens, there are a number of reasons why this garden is a must visit. There are interactive and mischievous water jets, a skate park for BMXers, quad skaters and scooter riders. There is also a golf course, football pitches, a circular foot path and other playing fields. You will simply be spoilt for choice.

Midland Air Museum

This air museum is home to more than 30 historic aircraft including the Avro Vulcan bomber. The collection also features civil aircraft, aero engines and other memorabilia and artefacts. It is the perfect place for an inquisitive mind and also perfect for the airheads. For education purposes, there is detailed information posted about each piece.

Kenilworth Castle

This castle holds a significant part of the history of the West Midlands. It is one of the largest historic visitor attractions and also one of the most spectacular castle ruins in England. A great treat for the entire family, the castle provides excellent grounds for exploration and a dramatic backdrop with over 900 years in its history. It even has a tower that was built to woo Queen Elizabeth.

Caludon Castle Park

Forming a unique urban oasis, this 24 acres of the only castle in Coventry holds a very special place. It has a park that is absolutely gorgeous with open space where people can walk around and has a modern and very well maintained playground for children. You can also enjoy the vast variety of wildlife and soon, they hope to even have more species make the park their home.

Unlike most cities in the United Kingdom, Coventry is not shy of sharing its diverse tourist attractions and beauty. The big city proves that it can also offer serenity and peace as well as a vibrant and fast paced experience to all its visitors.

Top 7 Places to Visit in Leicestershire

Known for a shopping experience that is second to none, the most conservative English traditions with a hint of multicultural activities and the ever vibrant city life, Leicester is a tourist haven with plenty of attractions and things to do while you’re down here. Easy movers and the leading removals company in Leicestershire and we have the ultimate list for you to visit in Leicester.

National Space Centre

If you or any member of your family has ever hoped to be an astronaut or just travel into space, this would be the best place for you to start. The space centre allows you to experience the astronaut experience aboard a 42m high rocket tower. You also visit all the interactive galleries and get a chance to see all the space suits that astronauts used in the past. There is also The Sir Patrick Moore’s Planetarium which is a child favourite that portrays the wonders of the sky.

King Richard III discovery Centre

Still on the fascinating yet educative tour, another must visit place is the King Richard III Discovery centre. Built where the remains of the King were found, the centre offers great learning experiences. It is divided into three galleries; the dynasty (features the life and times of the king), death (details the betrayal of the king during the battle of Bosworth) and Discovery which tells how the king’s remains were found and later identified. It is a nice place to be for lovers of history.

Congo River Crazy Golf

If you have always found golf courses to be boring and monotonous, you will love what they did to this golf course and what it has to offer. It has everything you need for an afternoon out swinging a golf club and the adventurous approach to the course which includes tunnels, inclines and abandoned trucks will surely keep you on edge while you play and present unique challenges.

360 Play Leicester

In Leicester, the kids are not left out. The 360 play centre is one of the places that is built for some family time and to stimulate the minds of children. The facility not only provides fun but also safety with features like the huge playframe, activities and even rides. The centre allows the parents to hang around so if your kids need you, you’re there.

Laserforce Leicester

For teenagers, this modern live fantasy game seals the deal. It allows the players to be a space hero or a villain depending on what they would prefer. There is some ‘serious’ weaponry to choose from as well as plenty of hide and seek. Simply put, it is a fun and unique place to be in and one that you will definitely want to bring your kids back to once more.

Abbey Park

Closer to nature is Abbey Park. It features a river that splits the park into two distinct areas. On one side, you have the Victorian part of the park that is highly decorated with trees, shrubs and planted flower displays. On the other hand, you have Abbey grounds a great place for exploration in many different ways. The park also has a pets’ corner and a miniature rail model with model engines.

Jewry Wall Museum

Leicester is not short of historical archaeological sites. This particular museum offers visitors an opportunity to understand the stories of the residents in the medieval and prehistoric times. The museum is one of the tallest surviving pieces of Roman Masonry and once used to be part of the Roman town’s public baths.

There is plenty to see in this great city and the people are warm and from diverse cultures. It is one of those places that you never really feel like a visitor. You will definitely need to come here more than once to be able to capture the tourist paradise that is Leicester.

5 Rules for Office Removals Planning

One of the biggest undertakings that any company can have is deciding to move their offices, if your moving with pets it can be a even bigger mission. It is a move that requires down to the dot planning especially consider the amount of time and money that such a move requires. You have to make sure that you never underestimate the effect of the move and at the same time, make sure that you fully prepared. We’ve carried out dozens of office and commercial removals in Conventry and the East Midlands. When preparing to move out of one office, the other one should be ready for occupation. Here are some five rules that should help you along the way.

  1. Prepare adequately

The preparation starts with searching for a good premises of where you will be moving to considering the size and the location and carries on to searching for office removal companies. It is important to give yourself enough time to source of a legitimate and reliable company so start doing this about 4-6 months prior to the move.

As part of the preparations, you should also educate yourself on any restrictions that the new building might have. You don’t want any last minute surprises.

  1. Follow the due process and budget accordingly

Unlike moving out of your home, office moving involves a large number of items some that you might not even be aware of and others that require special care. Allow the team of movers access and time to take inventory. It is an important step and one that ensures that you get an accurate quote. If you don’t let this happen, there could be a chance that you might end up paying more than you expected.

Take your preferred mover to the new location. They need to check all the access points, entrances and other factors that might affect their efficiency. Even though everything might look very standard to you, the experts are able to see potential problem areas and plan ahead.

Being in business means you already know about insurance. You will need it during your move more than ever. Consider your options and discuss the intricacies with your representative. Do not leave anything to chance or luck.

  1. Make sure your employees are ready

About a month to the move, it is a good idea to engage your employees in move training. It is a good time to let them know what to expect when they get to the other side, this is going to prove to be a crucial step in the fluidity of the move.

The mover will should also pay a visit occasionally to inspect the packing process. For a company, this takes longer and you need to make sure that the employees have a timetable so they know what they need to pack at what time.

  1. Always be prepared

You need to cover all your grounds. Start by appointing company’s move manager but keep in mind that they are not an expert in the field so coordinating the move might be slightly overwhelming. Also, make sure that you have realistic timelines for the movers. You need to know that this can take long so you need to plan your schedule appropriately. Lastly and most important of all, never wait for the last minute on any aspect of the move. Always plan ahead and before time.

  1. Hire experts

Sure, they will charge you more and you will definitely feel the pinch. But, professionals that have done this time and again understand the challenges and how to handle the equipment better.

You will also save yourself from the claims that might occur from employees getting injured while lifting boxes and, the professionals will always give you a realistic timeline of how long the process will take.

Unlike moving out of a house, moving offices requires to have many cogs in motion to keep the entire process flawless. Without an appropriate guideline, it is easy to overlook some aspects and get surprised but, with these five rules, you should be able to cover all your grounds comprehensively.

Moving House with Your Dog and Cats

So you’ve finally justified why you should move homes. No homeowner in their right mind would accept to leave their pets behind regardless of the reason for moving. With that factor in mind, when looking for a place to move to, you have to have considered if it’s pet-friendly and made sure it is a stone throw away from a vet and other important amenities for your cat or dog. Even though the pets make your life easier and happier, without a doubt, they do make moving much harder. If you’re moving with pets, you need better planning and execution to make sure that they are happy during the process.


At Easy Movers and Storers we have carried out hundreds of moves across Coventry and the Midlands. The first step in moving is preparation. In both cats and dogs, this should be done well before the move to ensure that they are comfortable in transit. You have to make sure that the pets are used to their carrier. Leaving the door open, with a comfortable bed and some treats inside should also help.

It is a good idea to make sure you present the packaging boxes to your pet before you start packing. Let them get used to the boxes being around so they don’t get uneasy when you start packing.

It is also very important to keep the routine of the pets as close as possible to normal to avoid anxiety and distress. These include the feeding schedule and regular play and attention time.

During the move

When you start packing and boots in and out the house are too many, your pets might get scared and try to run out the door. The last thing you want on such a day is to have a pet search party. To keep them comfortable, lock them in a room with enough food and water and somewhere to relax. It might also be a good idea to have a sign on the door reminding everyone to keep the door shut.

On the day of moving, make sure that you pets have a light breakfast. You don’t want them to be hungry along the way but at the same time, you don’t want them to have stomach upsets because of the strain of moving.

Settling in in the new house

The worst part about moving house with pets is the transportation. That is the scariest part for pets. There are pet moving companies that have the equipment and expertise to make the process easier and more comfortable just in case you need to know.

After you arrive, make sure that you keep electric chords away from your pets and start by filling areas where your pet could get stuck. Ensure that the windows have screens and remove all plants that could be poisonous to the pets.

Take your pet to a room that you will be quiet most of the time and set up the water and food dishes before you let the dog or cat outside the carrier. Also make sure the door is closed before letting the pet out.

For the first few days, keep the pet in this room and make sure that you only due subtle activities. It helps the pet to get used to the new surroundings, sounds and smells without getting overwhelmed.

Once you’re done packaging, slowly introduce the pet to the rest of the house and have a litter box that is easily accessible to the pet. You can have one in the room where you have been keeping the pet and the other where you would like the pet to be going eventually.

Moving with a pet is never easy. Especially for the pet. You might need to see an expert before the move especially if your pet is showing signs of anxiety. Also, during moving, you need to stay close to your pet and hopefully be the one to transport them as opposed to the moving company.

To Move homes or Not to Move – That Is the Question!

We have been removals across Coventry and the East Midlands for over 5 years, we understand moving is a long decision. Moving or not moving is one of the biggest decisions that one has to make in their adult life. There are so many factors that need to be considered which makes the matter even more intricate. If you find yourself in the same predicament and wondering whether you should move or stay put, here are some pointers that could help you get to an appropriate answer.

Why you should move

Cut your daily costs

One of the reasons that should encourage you to move is saving up. If you live in a neighbourhood where the daily costs are on a rise, moving to a place that is cheaper can be a good idea. Even though your income might not change, your expenses might especially if you like going out.

Bigger is always better

Even though you love your little house on the hill, getting a bigger house is always a good idea. And you should! It becomes even more important if your family has grown or you have recently married. The kid could use the extra space and down the line you might also want to have a pet or two. So before the questions starts becoming a suggestion, it is best to arrest the situation in its tracks.

It will help you get close to your spouse

When someone you love is in the question, moving out is always definite. It is one of those factors that makes the situation feel so right. If your husband or wife has gotten a job in another city, the weekend visits never seem enough which is why you should consider moving to get more time together. When moving be sure not to make these 5 moving house mistakes!

Why you shouldn’t move

The cost of relocation is crazy!

Getting a new life does not come cheap. Other than buying your expensive home, you will also need to pay for an estate agent, pay for mortgage and even hire professional movers. The point is, moving is always an expensive decision.

You have to make a sacrifice

Even though the move might sound great (getting a new house and a better paying job) there are chances that your new locale might not have some of the fun things in life that you currently enjoy. You might have to quit your yacht club, and those walking trails that you loved so much might be a thing of the past in your new town.

You have to leave family and friends behind

The biggest concern about having to leave is not the fact that the kids will ask you why you’re leaving, it is about leaving your close friends behind and your family if there is any. Sure, you can promise to drive down every weekend but it is not the same as being able to knock on their door every time you felt the need to or got bored.

Deciding whether to move or not to move is a real dilemma. It needs you to carefully consider your options are and what is at stake. The best approach to the situation is to be honest with yourself. Do not sugar coat anything or keep promising on how you’re going to keep things the same. That way, you weigh everything with a clear mind and better understanding of the situation.

5 Big House Moving Mistakes

As the leading providers in removals in Coventry and the East Midlands – When it comes to moving, it is a bitter sweet process. On one hand, you’re excited about moving, the potential of meeting new people and above all, the chance of owning a new piece of real estate. On the other hand, you’re faced with the monster of the moving process itself. Packing, unpacking, carrying the heavy stuff, organising your new place and the entire process of settling in. During this time, it is very easy to make mistakes. Some of which can be costly and catastrophic. But whatever you do, make sure that you do not commit any of these five big mistakes.

  1. Try to do it yourself to save money

Yes, you have big guns, you hit the gym regularly and on a couple of occasions, you have moved your couch a couple of times to fetch a penny that rolled under. But, even if you’re moving right across town, moving can quickly turn out to be a handful. Especially when you’re doing it by yourself. It requires meticulous planning and resources to make the process flawless and easy for you. If you take the individual approach, you might end up forking out more money in repairs than you would have done with a moving company.

  1. Waiting until the last minute

Any moving company that is worth its word is usually booked during the later days of spring and summer. If you intend to hire a quality company, then you need to consider giving yourself ample time to find and select your desired company. If you wait until the last minute, there is a high chance that you will settle for a lesser quality company, pay almost the same amount or more out of desperation and place your property in jeopardy.

  1. Not getting a removal estimate

It is one thing to find a good quality removal company and another for them to charge fairly. There are different aspects that affect how differently the different companies price. So, you should take it upon yourself to get an estimate from very company that you consider hiring. Failure to do this could leave you with an invoice that leaves you dumbfounded and one that you had not even expected.

  1. Not getting insurance

If you value your property, you definitely want to safeguard it against the unexpected. When hiring a mover, make sure that you pick one that has and provides insurance. It will help you feel at ease when your furniture and priced electronics are in transit. You should also know that the insurance of the mover will only cover a fraction of the costs should anything happen. It might be a good idea to double to make sure that everything is completely safe.

  1. You leave your valuables in the wrong hands

Most credible moving companies will not make a run with your property but you can never be too sure. When it comes to valuable items like your jewellery or other sensitive items like firearms, most companies will absolve themselves of any responsibility. It is best that you pack and transport such items yourself.

To make moving as fun as possible, it takes a lot of prior planning. By avoiding these five mistakes, you cut down on your costs while ensuring that everything is in good hands and well-taken care off. You move out and move in without any incidents.

How to declutter your home before moving

As the leading removals company in Coventry, we understand when packing for your move you may find many items that you had forgotten about and realise you have a lot more items than you thought. This is a good time to clear out the unnecessary clutter which will not only make the house cleaner but also give you some peace of mind. Easy Movers and Storers has helping many with packing their belongings as part of our service, so using our experience we have complied some tips on how to clean out that dreaded clutter.

1) Set a date and make a list

About a month before the move you should set a date to begin clearing out the clutter. This will most likely take more than one day or a full day if you start early in the morning. Pick a date that ensure you will not be distracted by guests or other disturbances. Make a list of the rooms in your house and leave a gap under each one. Go into each room write down items you decide to throw away so when the day comes you know what needs to go first. If you are a first-time buyer check our tips out.

2) Start with paper

Paper tends to end building up the most without realising and takes the longest to sort out, maybe an entire day. Take your time to sit down and check every paper, you do not want to end up throwing away any important documents. Keep folders on hand to file away the documents and paper you need and a bag for the ones you don’t. Shred any documents you no longer need that contained sensitive information such as your address or bank details.

3) Use storage space

You may not have the time to sort out all your belongings in time before the move and realise you have a lot more items than your thought. The items you are hesitant about are usually the ones that cause the most stress and end up bothering you in the back on your mind. Using a storage facility can be used to store away those bulky things or items you are unsure about so you can focus on the items you do need. You can keep adding more or take them out along the way so you never have to worry about regretting a rushed decision.

Take your time when it comes to decluttering, if you rush through you may find yourself throwing away things that are important and keeping things you don’t need because you have no time to deal with them. Our team are trained to assist with packing and also provide packing materials. Moreover, we have storage facilities in Leicester so you can store some items there too if you need a temporary space.

4 Helpful Tips for First Time Buyer

Buying a home for the first time, may it be for yourself or for you and your family, can be an exciting time. However, the whole process is extremely stressful, and there will be bumps along the way. We have created a short guide of tips for all first-time buyers to avoid any nasty shocks along the way.

1) Real Estate Agent

Search online for estate agents that are well known and possibly those that have been regulated and qualified. You can find information about them using review sites, word of mouth and even on social media. Give them a call and see how they respond to you and if they manage your call with profession.

2) Location

Location is extremely important when buying a property as there are many factors that need to be taken into account. If you are working or studying, check how far it would take for you to travel and the different transport options available. Nearby schools would be vital if you already have children or may have in the future. We recommend that buyer visits during day and night to give you an idea of noise and if it is a well-lit area.

3) Outside of the home

Check the overall structure of the house for cracks or concealed damages. Someone selling the house may have done a quick paint job so feel free to ask questions. If there is a garden, walk around and if you find that the ground is uneven it may be a good reason to negotiate the price as it can be expensive to level out. Hire a professional to do a home inspector and to also check the home insulation.

4) Inside of the home

Be sure to check every room carefully, the size, the possible modifications and the amount of light coming through. Note, a window facing east or west will get the most light however will heat up quicker. Check that the kitchen and bathroom is the right size and has enough outlets or space for renovation. If possible try turning on every light switch and socket, electrical repairs can be extremely expensive and is a vital aspect of a home.

Easy Movers and Storers have assisted many families with removals across Loughborough and across the Midlands. We aim to at least reduce the stress when having to finally move to your new home so you can begin the new chapter of your life. Once you have a found the perfect home, give us a call and we can arrange a free, no obligation consultation suited to you.

How to Choose the Correct Removals Company

People may believe that it would never happen to them but being scammed by a removals company is common and can happen to anyone during any move. We at Easy Movers and Storers have been providing removals in Leicester and across the Midlands for many years, making us aware of the companies that exist extorting customer for extra money or simply thieving from them. We have compiled some tips and things to look out for when choosing a removals company.

  • Specific questions

If someone is trying to pull a fast con, then they will struggle with the specifics. The best way is to ask any many questions as possible about the move, from the vehicle to the entire moving process and how they plan to proceed. If you sense a hesitation or struggles to answer your questions, then most likely they are not the professional team you need.

  • Research the company

One of the first things you should do is research the company and if there have been any previous scams. Possibly search the company name with ‘scam’ in search engines such as Google which would show any previous complaints or problems. Make use of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to also search for the company and if anyone has anything to say about a previous experience.

  • No official website

Although many companies nowadays promote themselves on Facebook and other social media, a professional, ‘real’ company would have their own official website too. If you do find that a company has no website and only uses social media, then the company is most like a group of untrained movers.

  • Too good to be true

As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. Sometimes companies may offer low prices and then claim that you need to pay extra charges as the day approaches because they have too much work and will not be able to complete the move without the extra money. To find another company at such short notice which would also end up costing a lot more so many customers pay up. Request to have an official quote on paper that explains the price, service and minor details and steer clear on companies that only provide a quote over the phone

With Easy Movers and Storers, we guarantee a service to you will not regret. Our team are all trained professionals who are passionate about what they do. We promise a high-quality service with a quote that is affordable yet competitive and realistic, call us today!