How to declutter your home before moving

As the leading removals company in Coventry, we understand when packing for your move you may find many items that you had forgotten about and realise you have a lot more items than you thought. This is a good time to clear out the unnecessary clutter which will not only make the house cleaner but also give you some peace of mind. Easy Movers and Storers has helping many with packing their belongings as part of our service, so using our experience we have complied some tips on how to clean out that dreaded clutter.

1) Set a date and make a list

About a month before the move you should set a date to begin clearing out the clutter. This will most likely take more than one day or a full day if you start early in the morning. Pick a date that ensure you will not be distracted by guests or other disturbances. Make a list of the rooms in your house and leave a gap under each one. Go into each room write down items you decide to throw away so when the day comes you know what needs to go first. If you are a first-time buyer check our tips out.

2) Start with paper

Paper tends to end building up the most without realising and takes the longest to sort out, maybe an entire day. Take your time to sit down and check every paper, you do not want to end up throwing away any important documents. Keep folders on hand to file away the documents and paper you need and a bag for the ones you don’t. Shred any documents you no longer need that contained sensitive information such as your address or bank details.

3) Use storage space

You may not have the time to sort out all your belongings in time before the move and realise you have a lot more items than your thought. The items you are hesitant about are usually the ones that cause the most stress and end up bothering you in the back on your mind. Using a storage facility can be used to store away those bulky things or items you are unsure about so you can focus on the items you do need. You can keep adding more or take them out along the way so you never have to worry about regretting a rushed decision.

Take your time when it comes to decluttering, if you rush through you may find yourself throwing away things that are important and keeping things you don’t need because you have no time to deal with them. Our team are trained to assist with packing and also provide packing materials. Moreover, we have storage facilities in Leicester so you can store some items there too if you need a temporary space.

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