How to Lift Heavy Objects by Yourself

Whether you’re moving with removals company or just re-arranging your home, if you live alone, you will have to find ways to move heavy furniture without breaking your back into two. It is not the most exciting part about having to move things around but, it has to be done. And, if you’re not looking to hire professionals to help you, then you have to device means to move the heavy items without damaging them. If you think you need a little help with moving that couch which has always kept you from rearranging your living room, you might have just gotten lucky. Here are some great tricks that can help you move the heavier objects.

Take a closer look

Size isn’t everything. Just because something is big doesn’t mean you can’t move it around. You just need to understand the mechanics better and you should find a way to move it safely. When taking the closer look, focus on getting comfortable lifting spots and also assess the stability of the object. Somethings like boxes are a little tricky to work with since they have weak spots which can burst open and everything pours to the ground. You should be more careful with such objects.

Map out a safe route

You’re coming in hot and heavy. You need a route that does not have wires or any other items that might trip you. Of the load is large, there is a chance that your sight will also be hindered which makes mapping your safe route even more important. Don’t forget, if you can find a route that is more spacious and will make manoeuvring easier, you can always opt for that at any time. If there are some areas that are uneven, you need to be very aware of them.

Get the right stance

If you stand any chance of picking up a heavy object, your preparation and the stance that you pick will be very important. If you bend too far and apply too much force too early, there is a chance you could take out your back. The proper stance should have your feet at shoulder width, your back straight and your chest slightly popping out. Tighten your tummy muscles and take a little squat to bolster your stability. If you have to or it makes you more comfortable, you can have one knee on the floor then get a good hold on the item (ideally with both hands) and lock up your body ready to lift.

The moving process

As important as getting the lifting part is, you should not forget that you also need to be very careful with how you carry heavy loads. You should try to keep the load as close as possible to your body. When standing, use your leg muscles to stand up ensuring that your back is straight all along and try to make the process as smooth and fluid as possible. Avoid sudden moves and stops since it only increases your chances of getting injured. To make movement easier, use your hips as you change directions and make sure that your shoulder are aligned with your hips.

Back on the floor

After the tedious task of lifting and carrying, you will need to place the load back on the floor. This is another critical stage and you need to make sure that you do everything right. Start with the squatting position which ensures that you only use your leg muscles and be sure to keep your back straight. You still have to make sure that the item is close to your body and use the same fluid moves to gently place the load down.

Even with these tips on how you can lift heavy loads by yourself, if you need help, there is no embarrassment in asking for it. It is better to be safer than sorry.

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