How Did Leicester City Pull off a Miracle and Win the Premier League in 2016

We have been offering removals in Leicester for a number of years, but 2016 was one of the best times for the city! While the odds were not in the favour of Leicester when the 2015-2016 season started, saying that the campaign was all about luck would be misguided. There are a lot of choices that the players, the managers and owners of the club made and strategic decision that propelled the success of the club. Some of these included;

Focus on defence

Offense wins you games but, the defence will win you championships. This is a saying that has constantly proved to be true in the world of sports. While big teams have the obligation to entertain, they splash money on big names and classy attackers but rarely do they spend as much on offense. Most teams end up following the same routine much to their detriment.

Leicester did the opposite. They focused a lot on defence playing the old school 4-4-2 system with two big and tough centre-backs and constantly sat deep in its own half. The team was not about fancy playmakers. Rather, they had fast wingers and attackers but allowed the opponents to set the tempo in most of the cases. Most importantly, the team took every chance they got very serious and capitalised on it.

Unstoppable force

The design of the premier league is such that each of the teams plays each other twice in the course of the season. For Leicester, the advantage came in the form of having easier games at the beginning of the league. In fact, it is touted that this was the easiest schedule that any premier league team has had in its entire history. With the easy game, Leicester was able to get some wins and start building on it. They built their tempo and it kept them going even when the hard teams came knocking.

Another addition that works into the hands of Leicester is the fact that they had fewer tournaments to worry about. Unlike the other top teams that had to battle it out in other major tournaments like the Champions League and Europa League. This gave Leicester more time to rest and strategize about their opponents while they were busy battling it out against other tops teams. There is a fair chance that the fatigue could have played to their favour.

Also, the fact that most people severely underestimated Leicester even reporters did not ask questions like if they were sure that they were going to win or if they were ready to take it to the next step. This allowed the management to concentrate on one game at a time without having to worry about impressing the masses.

Even after winning all the games that most people thought they could never win, most people still did not expect Leicester City to win the title. Right up until the point they actually won the title.

A great underdog story is always something to look out for. Leicester pulled one of the greatest upsets in the history of soccer and even though they did not get a chance to repeat the same, their run at the title was magnificent and was proof enough that anything is possible.

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