To Move homes or Not to Move – That Is the Question!

We have been removals across Coventry and the East Midlands for over 5 years, we understand moving is a long decision. Moving or not moving is one of the biggest decisions that one has to make in their adult life. There are so many factors that need to be considered which makes the matter even more intricate. If you find yourself in the same predicament and wondering whether you should move or stay put, here are some pointers that could help you get to an appropriate answer.

Why you should move

Cut your daily costs

One of the reasons that should encourage you to move is saving up. If you live in a neighbourhood where the daily costs are on a rise, moving to a place that is cheaper can be a good idea. Even though your income might not change, your expenses might, especially if you like going out.

Bigger is always better

Even though you love your little house on the hill, getting a bigger house is always a good idea. And you should! It becomes even more important if your family has grown or you have recently married. The kid could use the extra space and down the line, you might also want to have a pet or two. So before the questions starts becoming a suggestion, it is best to arrest the situation in its tracks. With bigger also comes more cleaning! So keep that in mind.

It will help you get close to your spouse

When someone you love is in the question, moving out is always definite. It is one of those factors that makes the situation feel so right. If your husband or wife has gotten a job in another city, the weekend visits never seem enough which is why you should consider moving to get more time together. When moving be sure not to make these 5 moving house mistakes!

Why you shouldn’t move

The cost of relocation is crazy!

Getting a new life does not come cheap. Other than buying your expensive home, you will also need to pay for an estate agent, pay for the mortgage and even hire professional movers. The point is, moving is always an expensive decision.

You have to make a sacrifice

Even though the move might sound great (getting a new house and a better paying job) there are chances that your new locale might not have some of the fun things in life that you currently enjoy. You might have to quit your yacht club, and those walking trails that you loved so much might be a thing of the past in your new town.

You have to leave family and friends behind

The biggest concern about having to leave is not the fact that the kids will ask you why you’re leaving, it is about leaving your close friends behind and your family if there is any. Sure, you can promise to drive down every weekend but it is not the same as being able to knock on their door every time you felt the need to or got bored.

Deciding whether to move or not to move is a real dilemma. It needs you to carefully consider your options are and what is at stake. The best approach to the situation is to be honest with yourself. Do not sugar coat anything or keep promising on how you’re going to keep things the same. That way, you weigh everything with a clear mind and better understanding of the situation.

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