How to Move a Piano and Not Get a Back Ache

Pianos are a great asset to a home. Not only do they add authenticity and a hint of music to the home, they can provide a bonding experience and will usually attract a lot of attention. However, because of their size and weight, most pianos spend their entire time in one spot from the time they were installed. If you have been thinking of moving your Piano, it is possible to do it and do it upright. It might require you to get some help since they are heavy and huge. But if you can get the help you need, here are some tips that could help you make the move and not mess you back at the same time.

Find the perfect route

First, you need to pick out a route that will make moving the piano easier for you. Start by measuring the widest part of the piano. Then use those measurement to find a path in the house that will fit the piano without any challenges. If the path is too small, it will make the move harder and damage the boards and corners of the piano.

After you pick the perfect path, your next task is to clear it of any trip hazards and furniture that would make moving the piano harder. When moving the obstructions, you should also remove the carpet.

Remove all decorations – if you have any decorations on the Piano, you should get rid of them. The best thing about having an upright Piano is its shape. It is easier to work with. Removing the decorations helps to make it safer to move so you don’t have items falling as you move the piano.

Wrap it up

Use tape to fasten the lid over the keyboard. This helps to keep the lid safely closed and it will also make it easier for you to fit the piano in tighter fits. It can also help to prevent the lid and the keys from getting damaged in transit. For the rest of the instrument, you need to find a large cloth that can cover the entire piece to protect it from dust and dents.

Lifting the piano

In this case you need two things. You need a dolly and you also need the help of some friends. Typically, a small Piano will weigh in the region of 130Kgs which makes it almost impossible for you to lift it safely alone. To keep your hands safe, you will also need a pair of work gloves.

After you have placed the piano on the dolly, then you can fasten it with the dolly straps and use the dolly to push it.

Getting it in the van

When getting the piano into a van or a moving truck, you need to have someone pushing and another pulling simultaneously. You can use the lifting straps and if you’re the one pushing, you need to be careful in case it rolls back. Once in the van, you can fasten it on the back wall of the van. As a safety precaution, have other stuff in front of it.

Considering the weight and cost of a piano, it is not the type of instrument that you want to play around with. When moving it, you need to take all the safety measures possible to make sure that it gets to the destination safe. These tips should help you achieve exactly that – Or, save the hassle and give us a call! We are the leading removals company covering across the Midlands.

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