Moving House with Your Dog and Cats

So you’ve finally justified why you should move homes. No homeowner in their right mind would accept to leave their pets behind regardless of the reason for moving. With that factor in mind, when looking for a place to move to, you have to have considered if it’s pet-friendly and made sure it is a stone throw away from a vet and other important amenities for your cat or dog. Even though the pets make your life easier and happier, without a doubt, they do make moving much harder. If you’re moving with pets, you need better planning and execution to make sure that they are happy during the process.


At Easy Movers and Storers we have carried out hundreds of moves across Coventry and the Midlands. The first step in moving is preparation. In both cats and dogs, this should be done well before the move to ensure that they are comfortable in transit. You have to make sure that the pets are used to their carrier. Leaving the door open, with a comfortable bed and some treats inside should also help. The worst thing you want is a cat howling!

It is a good idea to make sure you present the packaging boxes to your pet before you start packing. Let them get used to the boxes being around so they don’t get uneasy when you start packing.

It is also very important to keep the routine of the pets as close as possible to normal to avoid anxiety and distress. These include the feeding schedule and regular play and attention time.

During the move

When you start packing and boots in and out the house are too many, your pets might get scared and try to run out the door. The last thing you want on such a day is to have a pet search party. To keep them comfortable, lock them in a room with enough food and water and somewhere to relax. It might also be a good idea to have a sign on the door reminding everyone to keep the door shut.

On the day of moving, make sure that you pets have a light breakfast. You don’t want them to be hungry along the way but at the same time, you don’t want them to have stomach upsets because of the strain of moving.

Settling in in the new house

The worst part about moving house with pets is the transportation. That is the scariest part for pets. There are pet moving companies that have the equipment and expertise to make the process easier and more comfortable just in case you need to know.

After you arrive, make sure that you keep electric chords away from your pets and start by filling areas where your pet could get stuck. Ensure that the windows have screens and remove all plants that could be poisonous to the pets.

Take your pet to a room that you will be quiet most of the time and set up the water and food dishes before you let the dog or cat outside the carrier. Also make sure the door is closed before letting the pet out.

For the first few days, keep the pet in this room and make sure that you only due subtle activities. It helps the pet to get used to the new surroundings, sounds and smells without getting overwhelmed.

Once you’re done packaging, slowly introduce the pet to the rest of the house and have a litter box that is easily accessible to the pet. You can have one in the room where you have been keeping the pet and the other where you would like the pet to be going eventually.

Moving with a pet is never easy. Especially for the pet. You might need to see an expert before the move especially if your pet is showing signs of anxiety. Also, during moving, you need to stay close to your pet and hopefully be the one to transport them as opposed to the moving company.

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