Oven Cleaning Leicester

Is your oven the pride and joy of your kitchen but is losing its shine under the choke of grease and dirt? We can help you nurse it back to its original flare and spotless condition with our oven cleaning Leicester service. By booking our oven cleaning service, you will be able to get the shine on your oven back with the help of our highly recognised oven cleaning professionals. All you have to do is tell us what type of oven you have and when you would like as to valet it professionally.

Our prices are affordable and competitive, and we work for both large and small businesses across the Leicestershire. Our specially designed services, work for restaurants, schools, homes, pubs, hostels, student accommodation and even hotels.

What to expect with our home oven cleaning service

We know that you have a busy schedule that you have to keep up with so we have made it easier to schedule an oven cleaning with us in simple and easy steps.

  • First, we will need to conduct a free inspection of the oven or ovens to be cleaned.
  • Our technicians will make sure that everything works before your oven is valeted.
  • We will cover the area around the cooker to make sure that the spatter does not spread to the other areas which would make things messier and require more cleaning
  • Over oven cleaning in Leicester service will start with dismantling all the removable parts of the oven and dipping them in a tank that has a special solution to remove the grease.
  • The technician will then scrape and loosen the dirt from the assembled parts as the removed parts degrease in the dip tank.
  • Once all the parts are spotlessly clean and they have been dried, the technician will assemble the oven back and polish it to get the shine back, and you can start cooking immediately.

Do you clean anything else other than ovens?

Yes, we clean a variety of other appliances and accessories, which include:

  • Particular types and models of cookers, which include single and double ovens, master ranges (90cm and 100cm) and single wide ovens.
  • A wide range of heat storage cookers from different brands, which include Whirlpool, Neff, Rayburn, AGA, and Stanley among others.
  • Removable parts and utilities like racks, panels, fans, trays, control knobs, light protectors and extractor filters
  • Kitchen appliances like dishwashers, fridges, tumble dryers, microwave ovens, freezers, different types and models of extractors, range hood, ceramic hobs and gas hobs.

Our appliance cleaning services can achieve the following results:

  • Fridge and Freezer cleaning – it will help you get rid of mould and foul odours. We will clean and wipe your fridge and leave it spotless both inside and out. We also sanitise all the removable parts.
  • Extractor cleaning – with our cleaning services, you can prevent fire hazards in the kitchen with a good and regular exhauster hood cleaning. We use gentle degreasers to dissolve oil build-up and fumes from your extractor. We will soak all the removable parts including the filers in a dip tank and clean them thoroughly.
  • Dishwasher and washing machine cleaning – for washing machines and dishwashers to work correctly, they require regular maintenance. We will wash the filter and then wipe the soap drawers and seal.

After a busy summer on the grill with your friends, you need to show a little appreciation and affection for your barbeque with our appliance cleaning service. We have a team of well-trained technicians who will handle your machines, and we use gentle detergents that get rid of the grease and dirt without damaging the finishing on your appliances. If you are looking for oven cleaning in Leicester, get in touch with us today!