How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving

The most pain-stacking part of moving is making sure that your sentimental fragile valuables are not shattered into pieces. Like any human being, you have probably spent countless sleepless nights thinking of how to move those family heirlooms without reducing them to pieces of shattered glass. To help ease the pain and the worry, here are some great ideas that could come in handy.

Set aside enough time

The last thing you want when handling fragile items is a rush. One single mistake and everything could end up on the ground. You need to set aside ample time to be able to do this slowly and when you’re relaxed. You need to be very aware of your surrounding and the items that you’re handling. Typically, these kinds of items require a lot of tender loving and care and should be organised and set aside well before the moving day.

Pack appropriately

This is where most people make mistakes. You pack too much or too little. There are a couple of tips that could help. First, you need to get appropriate packaging material. Other than the boxes, you could also invest in bubble wrap or some old clothes and newspapers. Anything that can help to absorb the shock and keep the items from banging against each other. Here is a short checklist of everything you will need for appropriate packaging.

  • Moving boxes
  • Loose fill or packaging peanuts to fill out any empty space in the box
  • Heavy grade paper
  • Corrugated fiberboard for better cushioning
  • Bubble wrap
  • Polystyrene structures

Also, ensure that you don’t over pack any of the boxes. There is the notion that the duct tape will hold everything together but once the loaders squeeze the boxes together, it becomes a disaster waiting to happen. If something is large enough, let it have its own box. It is better to have more packaging material than have less.

Pillow it up

There is a simple trick that you can use for the really valuable breakable items. Start by having a blanket at the bottom of the box and the have a pillow at the top. This will help to prevent vibrations and shock that could damage the item.

For multiple items that have to be packaged up in the same boxes you need to have loads of newspapers to put between the items. This keeps them from breaking or colliding against each other.

Over communicate

It would be useless for you to go through all this trouble and then not let the movers know what is in the boxes. Make sure you indicate ‘fragile’ on top, the bottom and sides of the boxes. Over communicate! Remind the movers of your fragile boxes every time you get a chance. It is safer to be a nag than assume they remember and end up with everything messed up.

When it comes to fragile packing, you need time, patience and proper planning. Don’t skimp on packaging equipment unless you want to end up losing everything you own. Also, make sure that the moving company (if you plan to hire one) is well aware that you will also be transporting items that are easy breakable. The other alternative is to carry the most valuable ones in your car so you can take real good care of them.

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