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As the leading Student Removals company in Leicester we have the ultimate back to university guide for you. Life is characterised by stages. Different stages usher you into a different way of life, meeting new people and this may have you moving to a different part of the country. For most teenagers and parents, the big changes come when it is time to report to the colleges they have been accepted to. It is exciting for students to gain entry into their preferred schools. And while the thought of being a college student elicits some excitement in most, the thought of actually moving away from the nest may be too scary for some that the excitement of getting into college is drowned. We are the leading Student Removals company in Leicester.

The fear is mostly because they have to make new friends with other students and they will for the first time be away from their protective parents and have to ‘fend’ for themselves. But scary or not, the move must happen.

If you find yourself in this position, or if you are currently in this position, moving to a college in a new city, state or country, then it is best you consider living on campus grounds, at least for the first few terms. This will allow you the luxury to get to know some people, know the town and most importantly make some friends. As you prepare for the move, below are some considerations you should make.

What is provided in the residence?

After securing a place on campus, you need to know what the dorm will provide you with. Will the room come equipped with the bare necessities including a desk, bed, closet, curtains or dresser? Ensure you have a comprehensive list of all items that will be provided including hangers, pillows, linens and pillows. If they are not provided, you need to include the items you feel are a necessity to your list. When moving out you may also need to carry our end of tenancy cleaning, something we can help with.

What is allowed?

After determining what you will be provided with, it is important to consider what the residence allows. You do not want to tag along items only to find out they are not allowed and you have to take them back home. If you intend on bringing furniture, contact the residence and ask if they allow it. If they do allow, proceed to find out if the space in the residence can fit the furniture you have in mind. This is important since most colleges do not allow removing their furniture in the rooms. As such, what you bring along should fit perfectly with what already exists.

Can you bring appliances and electronics?

For electronics like hot plates, TVs, small fridges and the like, you just will have to check with the residence administration. There are some residences that limit the amount of electric output used in every room. This limitation determines the items you can use in the room safely. In addition to this, microwaves and hot plates may be listed as fire hazards and may as such not be allowed. If you could get your hands on a list of acceptable and unacceptable items in the residence you will be in a better position to make an informed choice.

What facilities are provided at the residence?

All residences are different. While you expect all to feature laundry services, you need to confirm the laundry fees charged. While all may have communal kitchens, not all may provide dishes and cutlery or even an eating area. And with regards to meals, you should ask what is included in the residence fee and what is not.

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With these preparation tips, you should have a seamless transition and move into college. Best of luck.

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