Students’ Guide to Leicester

With institutions like the University of Leicester and fun things to do like visiting the National Space Centre, it is easy to see why this great and youthful city is attracting students from all corners of the globe. While here, you will have access to world-class education and fun. But, to unearth all the great spots in time, you will need this guide to help you after you have read our best areas to live in Leicester guide.


If you’re looking for a great university, Leicester is definitely the place. There are a number of universities and Colleges. These include the University of Leicester, The De Montfort University and the Leicester College just to name a few.


For the mere fact that Leicester is heavily multicultural, you know that eating here is going to be a great experience. You will have the chance to try out a great deal of cuisines. From Indian restaurants, cosmopolitan dining to a wide collection of fast food chains, cafes and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of what to eat. The options vary depending on what you would like to eat and even how much you’re willing to spend. The wide number of shops around also cater to those that would rather make their meals at home.


You will find some of the biggest brand names in Leicester. There are two large indoor shopping centres that are your best for the best deals and the best labels. These the Haymarket and the Shires Centre. There is also the Gallowtree Gate which is perfect if you intend to be on foot the entire time. You will have over 270 stalls to pick from and with over 700 years of operation, you can rest assured that you will have everything in Europe and beyond featuring in one of those shops.


Looking to have some fun but on a short budget? There are plenty of areas that you can visit. The Abbey Park is one of them. It is a great place to go and unwind as you breathe in the fresh air and get away from civilisation. The park is just a mile away from the city centre and, it has plenty of activities that include tennis courts, lavender maze, boating lake, bowling green and cafes where you can catch a snack in case you get hungry. You can also visit the Leicester Castle or the Curve theatre.

Pubs and Clubs

Whether you’re looking to dance or have a taste of the best liquors and wines in Leicester, the wide collection of pubs and clubs will take good care of you. Many of the clubs here have special nights to capture the diversity of the music industry in the city. Some even have students only nights where you and your friends can have fun without the judging eyes of the older generations and at reduced prices. There are over 200 hundred bars and pubs in Leicester to choose from and you can rest assured that you will be well catered.

By all standards and measures, Leicester is a great place for any students to be. Whether for education or just the fun-filled nightlife, you will love the experience that the city has to offer.

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