Top 7 Places to Visit in Leicestershire

Known for a shopping experience that is second to none, the most conservative English traditions with a hint of multicultural activities and the ever vibrant city life, Leicester is a tourist haven with plenty of attractions and things to do while you’re down here. Easy movers and the leading removals company in Leicestershire and we have the ultimate list for you to visit in Leicester.

National Space Centre

If you or any member of your family has ever hoped to be an astronaut or just travel into space, this would be the best place for you to start. The space centre allows you to experience the astronaut experience aboard a 42m high rocket tower. You also visit all the interactive galleries and get a chance to see all the space suits that astronauts used in the past. There is also The Sir Patrick Moore’s Planetarium which is a children favourite that portrays the wonders of the sky.

King Richard III Discovery Centre

Still, on the fascinating yet educative tour, another must visit place is the King Richard III Discovery centre. Built where the remains of the King were found, the centre offers great learning experiences. It is divided into three galleries; the dynasty (features the life and times of the king), death (details the betrayal of the king during the battle of Bosworth) and Discovery which tells how the king’s remains were found and later identified. It is a nice place to be for lovers of history.

Congo River Crazy Golf

If you have always found golf courses to be boring and monotonous, you will love what they did to this golf course and what it has to offer. It has everything you need for an afternoon out swinging a golf club and the adventurous approach to the course which includes tunnels, inclines and abandoned trucks will surely keep you on edge while you play and present unique challenges.

360 Play Leicester

In Leicester, the kids are not left out. The 360 play centre is one of the places that is built for some family time and to stimulate the minds of children. The facility not only provides fun but also safety with features like the huge playframe, activities and even rides. The centre allows the parents to hang around so if your kids need you, you’re there.

Laserforce Leicester

For teenagers, this modern live fantasy game seals the deal. It allows the players to be a space hero or a villain depending on what they would prefer. There is some ‘serious’ weaponry to choose from as well as plenty of hide and seek. Simply put, it is a fun and unique place to be in and one that you will definitely want to bring your kids back to once more.

Abbey Park

Closer to nature is Abbey Park. It features a river that splits the park into two distinct areas. On one side, you have the Victorian part of the park that is highly decorated with trees, shrubs and planted flower displays. On the other hand, you have Abbey grounds a great place for exploration in many different ways. The park also has a pets’ corner and a miniature rail model with model engines.

Jewry Wall Museum

Leicester is not short of historical archaeological sites. This particular museum offers visitors an opportunity to understand the stories of the residents in the medieval and prehistoric times. The museum is one of the tallest surviving pieces of Roman Masonry and once used to be part of the Roman town’s public baths.

There is plenty to see in this great city and the people are warm and from diverse cultures, and of course you have the best removals company us! It is one of those places that you never really feel like a visitor. You will definitely need to come here more than once to be able to capture the tourist paradise that is Leicester.

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